13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology, Aug 29-31 @ Montpellier

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The 13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology (SFBV) aims to bring together actors interested in the biological properties of photosynthetic organisms, mainly plants, as well as their applications in agriculture and bioenergy, taking into consideration important issues such as the global climate change and the protection of the environment. At the core of this conference, there is the promotion of the plant biology field, fundamental and applied, as a whole and in its diversity.


During this conference, the plant will be considered in its environment and in interaction with it. Recent work on:


  • plant nutrition
  • primary and secondary metabolism
  • plant development
  • plant response to environmental stresses
  • plant and microorganism interactions
  • the structure and expression of genomes
  • the genetics and improvement of cultivated species will be presented


Importantly, this event aims also to establish or sustain scientific partnerships, promote exchanges between the various players in the plant biology research field and develop bridges between public research and private companies. Promoting the participation of young scientists to this type of event is also a priority of the SFBV. To this end, scholarships will be offered to students to participate to 13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology and prizes will be awarded to the best oral presentations and best posters.

Registrations are open: https://sfbvcongress.colloque.inrae.fr/

For any question: christian.dubos@inrae.fr

Full Professor position in Plant Ecology – LEHNA, Lyon

To consolidate its research and teaching activities in plant ecology, the LEHNA (University of Lyon 1) opens one permanent Professorship position. Please send your CV to the contact persons mentioned below.

Scope and location: The position is opened in the Laboratory of Ecology of Natural and Man-impacted Hydrosystems (UMR CNRS 5023 LEHNA, https://umr5023.univ-lyon1.fr/) at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Lyon, France, https://www.univ-lyon1.fr/en/). The LEHNA has research and technical staffs from the University of Lyon 1, the Institute of Ecology and Environment of the CNRS (http://www.cnrs.fr/en), and the Graduate School of Civil, Environmental and Urban Engineering (ENTPE, https://www.entpe.fr/en).

LEHNA is a multidisciplinary research unit whose expertise covers the fields of functional ecology, evolutionary biology, and community ecology. The objects of study are continental aquatic systems, their anthropic management and the impact of environmental changes on their functioning. The balanced strengths between functional ecology and evolutionary ecology within LEHNA will provide candidates with excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations and research.

13th Congress of the French Society of Plant Biology, 29-31 August 2022, Montpellier, France



13th congress of the French Society of Plant Biology

29-31 August 2022 in Montpellier


National/international speakers will be invited. Each session will be completed by presentation selected by the scientific comittee.

A poster session will promote scientific exchanges between participants.

SFBV will give a prize for the best poster and one for the best talk.

SFBV offers travel grants to attend the congress.


congress website and opening of the registrations will be available soon.

contact/organisation : christian.dubos@inrae.fr

10th International Plant Biomechanics Conference – August 21-26 2022, Lyon – France

Logo 2022

The 10th  International Plant Biomechanics Conference will be held in Lyon, France in August 2022 – from Sunday 21nt to Friday 26th. Save the dates!



The conference covers all topics related to plant biomechanics. The list of sessions will be established based on submissions and could include the following:

  • Ecology and evolution
  • Morphogenesis and pattern formation
  • Cell walls, cells, and tissues
  • Mechanosensing and mechanotransduction
  • Applied biomechanics and biomimetics
  • Woods and trees
  • Hydraulics


For more information on the scientific program and registration, visit: https://plantbiomech.sciencesconf.org/

Master 2 internship on Coffea breeding – Nestlé, Indre et Loire

A Master 2 project is is available in the R&D department of Nestlé (Notre Dame D’Oé – Indre et Loire) to work on the molecular breeding of Coffea plants.


For more information on the project contact Sophie Lair.


To apply online, it is here.

Postdoctoral position, Camelina nitrogen use efficiency @ Montana State University

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University-Bozeman, in the lab of Dr. Andreas Fischer (https://plantsciences.montana.edu/directory/faculty/1524080/andreas-fischer).

The successful candidate will conduct research aimed at understanding the physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of nitrogen use efficiency in the biofuel crop Camelina sativa (a close relative of Arabidopsis), within the framework of a 5-year Department of Energy (DOE) project. The candidate will pursue her/his own project in the Fischer lab while interacting with principal investigators, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate students in other participating labs at Montana State University and other institutions to advance the overall goal of the project (https://www.montana.edu/news/20472/msu-researchers-to-lead-11-million-study-to-deepen-understanding-of-camelina)

Applicants should have a recent Ph.D. degree in plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics, or molecular biology, and strong written and verbal (English) communication skills. Candidates with peer-reviewed publications will be preferred.

Interested candidates should send a single pdf file with the following components:

  1. Cover letter — please briefly explain your background and future goals, and why you think that you would be a good fit for this position;
  2. CV including degrees, publications, and a list of technical skills;
  3. Contact information for three references.

Please e-mail your pdf directly to Dr. Andreas Fischer (fischer@montana.edu) with the subject line: postdoctoral application.