Five tenure-track positions as Assistant professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Umeå university

The Faculty of Science and Technology of Umeå university opens five tenure track Assistant Professor positions.

The positions will be for six years. A startup package of 50 k€ will be provided by the faculty and the chosen department can add on top of this based on negotiations.

To be eligible for the positions candidates should have a PhD which is less than five years old, i.e. after October 2015 (parental leave, military service, illness etc. do not count in the five years).

Anyone with an excellent CV can apply. There is no specific profile advertised. The selection will be based on the CV and the proposed project of the candidates, which makes this quite competitive for “plant” people. The Umeå Plant Science Center is an excellent, quite international environment to develop excellent research in Plant Sciences ( so excellent young plant scientist are encourage to apply.

More information can be find here:

The deadline for application is October 19

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