Full Professor position in Plant Ecology – LEHNA, Lyon

To consolidate its research and teaching activities in plant ecology, the LEHNA (University of Lyon 1) opens one permanent Professorship position. Please send your CV to the contact persons mentioned below.

Scope and location: The position is opened in the Laboratory of Ecology of Natural and Man-impacted Hydrosystems (UMR CNRS 5023 LEHNA, https://umr5023.univ-lyon1.fr/) at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Lyon, France, https://www.univ-lyon1.fr/en/). The LEHNA has research and technical staffs from the University of Lyon 1, the Institute of Ecology and Environment of the CNRS (http://www.cnrs.fr/en), and the Graduate School of Civil, Environmental and Urban Engineering (ENTPE, https://www.entpe.fr/en).

LEHNA is a multidisciplinary research unit whose expertise covers the fields of functional ecology, evolutionary biology, and community ecology. The objects of study are continental aquatic systems, their anthropic management and the impact of environmental changes on their functioning. The balanced strengths between functional ecology and evolutionary ecology within LEHNA will provide candidates with excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations and research.

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