13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology, Aug 29-31 @ Montpellier

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The 13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology (SFBV) aims to bring together actors interested in the biological properties of photosynthetic organisms, mainly plants, as well as their applications in agriculture and bioenergy, taking into consideration important issues such as the global climate change and the protection of the environment. At the core of this conference, there is the promotion of the plant biology field, fundamental and applied, as a whole and in its diversity.


During this conference, the plant will be considered in its environment and in interaction with it. Recent work on:


  • plant nutrition
  • primary and secondary metabolism
  • plant development
  • plant response to environmental stresses
  • plant and microorganism interactions
  • the structure and expression of genomes
  • the genetics and improvement of cultivated species will be presented


Importantly, this event aims also to establish or sustain scientific partnerships, promote exchanges between the various players in the plant biology research field and develop bridges between public research and private companies. Promoting the participation of young scientists to this type of event is also a priority of the SFBV. To this end, scholarships will be offered to students to participate to 13th International Conference of the French Society of Plant Biology and prizes will be awarded to the best oral presentations and best posters.

Registrations are open: https://sfbvcongress.colloque.inrae.fr/

For any question: christian.dubos@inrae.fr

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