International Master of Functional Biology & Ecology

The « TULIP-Graduate School » of Toulouse and Perpignan will open its international master’s degree in September 2021. This Master will welcome students with a biology bachelor degree (undergraduate student) obtained either in France (university, school of engineer…) or in a foreign university. The training will be given in English, focusing on topics at the interface between ecology and functional biology.

Link to the teaser « Master Tulip-GS »:

Through active learning, in close contact with research laboratories and socio-economic actors in the Occitanie region in the south of France, students will study how living organisms are affected by changes in their environment and adapt to these changes. Studies will be carried out at the molecular level but also at the cellular level, organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems levels.

The TULIP-Graduate School Master is a 2-year program aimed at training future engineers and managers of scientific projects in the fields of plant breeding, plant protection, environmental impact studies, ecosystems and biodiversity, depollution. The Master also aims to train future teachers and academic researchers, in public or private research, in national and international institutions.

The detailed master’s program (M1 and M2) is available on the website
Candidates will be able to register at the end of 2020 on the Graduate School website.

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